Southwest Airlines

Time flies.

Above: a bit of everything (excluding the lavatory sink). Over the course of 7 years I've worn a lot of hats. I was originally hired on in late 2015 as a front-end developer/UI designer before quickly transitioning to assume the role of a WCAG know-it-all. Then there was that reorg which uprooted me and flung me across the department to land on the Brand Team. I was a designer again. Pretty planes, beautiful beaches and lots of Southwest-Sans-Bold became my day to day. But that didn't last long. A new org chart was circulated and just like that I became a dedicated resource on the Chase Acquisition Team. This meant lots and lots of Credit Card ads. Like hundreds. Owned, paid, social, search, carousel, video, even merch. Okay, haven't done any Chase merch yet, but there's always next week.